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Re: (ET) Forward speeds out

For a quick check, a lower Ohms range on an older analog VOM will often 
allow testing in the circuit.

>>> Garry & Terry Freese <tnlighthouse bellsouth net> 11/6/2005 6:46:58 PM 
>>> >>>

>A diode is nothing more than a one way street or a check value. It will 
>only allow current to travel/flow in one direction and that is against 
>arrow. With a high resistance scale selected on the multimeter, the front 
>to back ratio on a good diode will be 10 to 1.  That means  you will get 
>high reading and a low or close to short in the other direction.  Some 
>meters have a position to check diodes.
>BUT you may have to lift one side so as to not see the resistance of the 
>adjacent components.
>Hope this helps.
>Garry  East TN
>    At 06:23 PM 11/6/2005, you wrote:
>>Ok, oddness. E20, reverse runs fine, forward runs in one speed only. And
>>that speed is using the resistors; they're getting warm.
>>Any guesses? I'm betting card 4 diode failed. How can you check a diode?
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