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RE: (ET) Brushes for sweeper

National Carbon Products makes brushes.....(800)395-7776
Located in Greenville SC.

If you provide the motor model number, I can see if a drawing exists as I 
work for GE Motors.  That would make it easier.  As a last resort, you can 
measure the width and thickness and guesstimate a length and ask them for 
a brush,

Brushwear is related to surface speed, sparking, spring tension, and 
commutator roughness.  Cleaning the commutator with non-metallic sandpaper 
will help and make sure no mica fins between the segments are sticking up 
due to copper wear.

Silicone sealant also makes brushes wear extremely fast - do not seal the 
motors with it.....great for the bathroom but not for dc motors.


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Does anyone know where I can find spare brushes for the Elec-trak 
sweeper? At the same time is it ok to run the motor on that at a 
somewhat slower speed? It really picks up well but I think it's going to 
beat the brushes to death.


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