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(ET) Wheelhorse compared to GE

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Kevin asked

>Can someone tell me if the Wheelhorse B-145 is the same as the E15 or E12? What is the difference between he B145 and the C145?

>Who made the ones that start with the I, like the I5?


Despite what people tell you the Wheelhorse and the GE - ET are not the same tractor in different colours. And while the GE E12 E15 and E20 all share the same frame and metal hardware there are significant differences in the motor and the electrical systems. First the Wheelhorse did not use the Big Black GE DC motors that are in the Elec-Traks. The B-145 Wheelhorse is roughly the same and the E12. However. B-145 uses a pure PM motor which is a glorified starter motor which I think was manufactures by the American Bosch Corp. My B-145 also has the connectors and clips on the back axles that allow it to hook up to some of the Wheelhorse Attachments.

The C-185 is closer to the E20 and has a heavier motor which is not marked GE but may well be. Again the Wheelhorse may have the Wheelhorse axle connections.

The seats are different. The Wheelhorse seat is on U shapes spring and has a higher back. They are far more comfortable than the GE. Also the Seat switch in the Wheelhorse in actually in the seat on the GE it is part of the rear battery box..

Finally the steering wheel and the dash are different. The GE wheels are hard smooth plastic, the Wheelhorse are textured spongy rubber, and the dash on the GE is a decal on the Wheelhorse it moulded plastic.

However, both are great machine and parts are almost universally swap-able from on to the other and all the GE attachments will work on a Wheelhorse

The I-5 is an industrial version of the E20 it has front fender and was painted industrial orange it is actually a very cool tractor. It came with industrial tires not the usual Turf Savers.

Hope is helps.



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