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(ET) Mower deck motor

    I'm trying to get my mower deck going and two of the three motors jumped right to life and leveled off with a nice hum. the third no so good, although spinning not near the RPM's of the other two.  Being a curious idiot I took it apart, the top bearing is in good shape there is some minor rust speckled though out the inside of the housing and the magnets are in tacked. There still seems to be some rubbing going on internally.  How much power do I apply to them for bench testing? Is there a schematic available for these?  Is there a lower bearing?  If so how do you get to it?  What is the proper gauge of the wire that is feeding the motor?  I'd appreciate any input, as these are antiques and I don't want to F* up any parts that can be fixed.  Thanks for the answers to my last posting (36v Charger) I'm learning everyday.
E 15 & E 20

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