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RE: (ET) Re: Dead on the road

First thing to check when 'dead on the road' (and I don't think you have 
this-- you won't get any motor) especially in the winter when there is 
snow and ice coming off your shoes, is did the brake return to normal 
position?  Is the brake switch still working or did it get wet?

Larry Elie

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Ok, let's see:

When you push down on the throttle with the gear in neutral, does the 
motor spin slowly and at the same time is your current meter way over in 
the red?

Ifso, simple problem-o; the field is not being energized. The motor will 
still turn a little in neutral because there is a small compensation 
field in series with the armature, but nowhere near enough to move the 
tractor, and the weak field will cause the armature to draw a lot of 

Start by checking your relays, especially the one over to the right 
(looking down from the top while in the driver's seat). My guess is one 
of them is not connected, or at worst case you unpluged the field wire 
at the motor somehow.


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