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(ET) Overhaul

After thinking about waiting a week for a new motor I decided to try and overhaul this one. So I pulled it apart.

The brushes are about 30% gone; no real problem there. However the wires in the motor were toast near the brush assembly, and the overtemp breaker in there was welded closed. I would guess the PO overloaded it, then really overloaded it when the contacts welded.

The commutators were filthy, so I hit them with brake cleaner (the universal cleaner o' crud) and cleaned out the spaces between the commutator bars. Should work a lot better if it works at all.

It's possible the problem is that the common wire was shorting against the field coils; the wire was pretty badly burned. So I clipped it down, soldered a new wire to the coils and to the common and covered the joint with thermal shrink tubing. No shorts at this point; I'll wire up the rest of the show tomorrow morning.

If this totally doesn't work, then it's a shorted half of the field coil. Maybe I can re-wire it to allow reverse, will have to think about that.