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RE: (ET) Elec-Trak ZTR

Good job.
Related question; but with the motor speed and tire diameter one could figure it out.  Does anyone know where there is a list of
nominal speeds for each gear, and motor speeds for each of the forward positions for E12 and E15?  There is overlap of
course, but I would like the real numbers.  The only ones I have ever seen was 'top-speed' (D2) and assuming it is max motor
speed.  With these ratios, I can now tell what max speed in each gear is, but I still haven't a clue as to motor speed at each
throttle position.  I don't really want to go to the trouble of a fancy tachometer, and there should be a chart somewhere.
Larry Elie
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Has anyone ever tried to figure out what the final drive ratios are in a large frame tractor? 
I jacked up the back wheels and had the wife turn both of them at the same time and exactly one revolution, while I counted the revolutions of the motor pulley on a C-185. 
The numbers I came up with are as follows:
    LL - 266:1
      L -   90:1
    D1 -  50:1
    D2 -  34:1
Now if those numbers are anywhere near right, what would you suggest as the optimum single drive ratio if a guy wanted to make an Elec-Trak ZTR.  I figured on using (2) E14 or maybe E15 drive motors hooked to each drive wheel via right angle worm gear speed reducers? 
Anybody got any thoughts? 
Mike Wallace
Glasgow, KY