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(ET) American Bosch

Jon wrote
hi geof, i don't have the diagram u need but was wondering what motor is 
the machine.  is it same as e8 motor?  also did wheel horse and toro merge,
wheelhorse parts on toro site?  thanks, jon

The motors are "American Bosch". I don't have an E 8 so I don't know if it
the same. That all I know. About these motors,  

Toro Bought Wheelhorese out in the early 1980. So if you go the the Toro
Parts Master Viewer 


        and search on Wheelhorse -- Riding products, 

        about three pages in you will see the B145 and The C185.

It's  really neat stuff. Can't order parts from Toro on the web, So Bill
still the best bet overall.  But, the diagram are a great resource. 
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