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RE: (ET) E12 motor testing

You can indeed run the drive motor off the charger, or smaller deck motors off auto chargers.  See the homeowners schematic for motor pinout.
Larry Elie
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Subject: (ET) E12 motor testing

I'm still trying to get my free E12 running.
I took off the GE motor and brought it to a GolfCart repair shop.  They thought they could test it but then called and refused, saying they had no idea how to test without knowing what the different contacts and cables were for. 
  Is there someway I could bench test this motor with a couple of batteries and/or a standard car battery charger?   There are two small (18 guage I think)wires plugged into the middle of the motor, and two large posts at the end of the motor.  I'm guessing that these large posts receive the most juice from the controller, but what do the little wires do?
There is also a bolted on "Klixon" part (#CDLA-80) that I can remove.  Not sure what that is for either. 
Jeb Baker