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Re: (ET) Transaxle leak

The same tranny was used with single and dual belts on the input.
My  E-12 and E 15's have the same 4 speed tranny.
I think dual belts were used to get the motor power to the tranny
on the larger horse power jobs. I have had the dual belts slip on me
plowing snow
with the E15's but I never plowed with the E12.
That tranny got more of a beating when it was coupled to a gas engine.
As J Deere did to it. A lot of Electraks saw their tranny's yanked for
replacements in Deeres.
I would assume the 3 speed tranny in the E12 was a economic or
availability decision by GE. 

Mike D

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004 20:30:56 EST Oasis654 aol com writes:
> In a message dated 2/11/04 4:57:45 PM, mjdeliso juno com writes:
> << The E12 has either a  2318, four speed  or 1716 three speed 
> Peerless. >>
> hi mike thanks for these numbers.  i was wondering if the tranny for 
> the e12 
> was same as for e20.  i realize there's a difference in 2 belts vs 
> 1, but are 
> the insides the same?  and i just did find out about the 3 speed 
> e12.  i 
> thought mine was broken or missing a gear, but found it was built 
> that way.  i 
> wonder why?  jon