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RE: (ET) front lift conversion..

I never installed the actuator as it seemed slow. I have been plowing all winter without a lift and am tired of that!!! I now have an 18volt winch that I'am going to install. Will let you know.

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Subject: (ET) front lift conversion..
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 15:18:45 -0500

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Back in June John sent a message to the list about replacing the front lift
with a linear actuator.  Just checking in to see if it ever came to be..
Any news?  Pictures?

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All this talk about the front lift makes me wonder why we want to keep them.
I have nothing but problems with mine and it is slow. I have purchased a 36
volt 18" linear actuator (used for a satelite dish) for $50.00. I will let
you know how it installs and works as I get on with it.
John Briese
I keep mine because it has worked for 30 years.    It may be slow but it is

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