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(ET) Blower works...


With about a foot of snow on the ground the Elec-Trak snow blower worked *very* well. Went right down the driveway, plowed out a turnaround, then went right back up. And down, repeat.

There are definately some tricks; I think if I had chains on the wheels I would have been able to go anywhere. As it was the best place to go on was fresh snow: The auger actually helps to pull the tractor along as it chews snow. Without it, you're using the tires alone. Also there are ways to take corners to maximize the thrown snow.

One backs up a *lot*. Make sure reverse is working, and such.

I *really* need to triple-hoist the lift. You have to lift the plow before backing up. Big pain to shut down auger, get off tractor, and help lift it up.

For 30+ year old technology, this thing is impressive.

And by the end, the batteries were *completely* drained. I've never run the tractor down so much. It's going to get a nice *long* charge today.

Next step: Chains and figure out how to wire the Hawkers into the pack.