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RE: (ET) Hitch adapter


All this (hayride) is in the planning stages as last year it was just the
tractor with 2 adults setting on the seat, a kid on each fender and one on
the hood. My "hayride" will be different than yours because mine will be
stopping quite a bit for the trick or treaters to "trick or treat". At 
2 stops will be on hills.  Going up isn't much of a problem.  I figured I
would take my plastic wheel chuck and throw it behind the tractor tire when
I planned to stop.  Going down hill is totally different.  I will need to
stop first then put in the chuck. I am also looking at between 10 and 20
kids instead of 20-40 "big" kids.  

I have only had my e-12m for 2 mowing seasons now..   When I got the 
the gear shift was snapped off.  I had to drop the rear transaxle to 
it.  The brakes seemed to function at that time and looked good, so I 
mess with them.  My yard is flat so braking wasn't on my mind.  Of course,
1/3 the way thru the first mowing season, the brake pads separated and fell
off the tractor.  From that point on, I've had zero brakes and with the
memory of the transaxle job still clear, I opted to go brake less until I
needed them.  If I do the hayride thing, I will have to address the brakes

I have read that Bill Gunn has a great brake upgrade kit and will most
likely go that route.  I would guess with the upgrade kit I should have no
problem with my hayride....   I think the wheel chucks are a good idea as
added safety.  You don't want someone getting run over by the trailer.  

I haven't had much pulling time with the e-12m.  Have pulled the 16 ft car
haller around the grass with no problems, didn't have any problems pulling 
16 ft ski boat (1500 lbs) around but was using low gear, did have some
problems pulling a 8 ft toboggan with 5 kids around the yard in 5 inch. of
snow in high gear.  It just couldn't do it, had to use 2nd gear (e-12m only
has a 3 speed trany).  I have also stalled it in 3rd gear going up a very
steep grade in the neighbor's yard while chasing my son on his power 
The power wheels didn't have the power to make it either..  As far as my
hayride goes, speed will not be much of an issue. I can run in low gear if 
have to.  Your hayride might get a little slow if you were using low gear.
My hayride memories from high school were behind an m international in road

Because I have had a few requests for the pictures...   I will stick them 
my personal web page.   Will email the list when done.

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Hey Tim:

You bring up a topic that I have yet to address -
brakes.  Going is great, but stopping is important.

When you tow how do your brakes hold up.  You mention
that you now have to address the problem.  Were the
brakes not operating properly prior to last Halloween
(like mine - heck, what brakes) or did the hey ride
reduce their function?  What do you think the max
pulling capacity is on this option?  A snowmobile
trailer could be considered a bit small, a typical hey
ride is with 20-40 people and an ICE tractor.  With
this option, I would imagine 20 people max.

I would be interested in pictures but would suggest
making them available on the electrak web page for all
to see.  If not, send them direct.

Thanks and may your future be plugged in.

donovan66205 yahoo com

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