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(ET) Mower deck -- cut quality

I'm not very pleased with the quality of cut my deck
is producing.  I bought my I-5 a couple months ago and
have restored the tractor.  (Hopefully pics will be
place on the Elec-Trak page soon --- I've sent them
in).  The deck, I haven't done anything to yet.  

I've read the post about bent motor shafts and blades
causing bad cuts.  I've checked the blades on all
three motors.  There are slight differences (when you
rotate them 180 degrees and measure distance to deck)
but less than 1/4 inch.  The middle motor gets hotter
than the other two.  It's also the one with the least
sharp blade.  Maybe that's the cause of the additional
heat.  It's also the motor that seems to leave the
grass the highest after the cut.  Is it possible that
the deck might be warped too?  The rear rollers are
wooden.  A couple of them are larger on one end than
the other (shaped like a Christmas tree).  I put them
in the middle, which would minimize their effect.  

The cut job is just not level across it.  Any ideas?

Darryl Howell
Smyrna GA