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Re: (ET) chains

I also am looking for chains. The chains that came with my E-15 have very wide spacing between the cross-links and the cross links are pretty small. I also have not rigged any rear weight yet, so I don't have the greatest traction when blowing snow. Last year when one of my chains broke for the 3rd time or so, I pulled it off and wrapped some medium (maybe 3/8") chain around the wheel and through the rim holes. This worked really well, even tho I had only 8 wraps on the wheel it really bit in to the snow and ice.

I didn't have enough chain to do both wheels, so the question is, find more aggressive tire chains or buy more chain for the other wheel? My neighbor across the street has been crowing about his "Finnish Ice Chains" on his Kubota that cost him $1500 but actually have spikes. Anything like that for our tractors?

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I guess it's obvious I don't exactly live in the snow belt....

Thanks for the info - that's the kind of info that those that know take for

Another related question - I see 'two-link spacing' and 'four-link spacing'
chains. I can see the two link spacing would be better, but how significant
is it? I presume it must help quite a bit, as it sounds like that is what
you did (adding extra cross links). We usually get 6 inch snows here, with
an occasional 2 footer - although the last couple years has been almost nil.

- SteveS