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Re: (ET) All by itself

You might have a problem with the switches themselves.  When I got my
E12M, the nubs on the cherry switches were worn to the point where they
would no longer work when the lever was thrown.  Bill Gunn has the
switches and they are pretty easy to install (once you get the throttle
assembly out!)

Bruce Conner

habooly earthlink net wrote:
> A while back I wrote that my 12M will go forward or back when I push the
> speed control, while I am standing beside the tractor. But only at 1 
> speed.
> It had the different speeds when the seat switch was engaged. It still 
> will
> go by itself, but now I only get 1 speed even when the seat switch is
> engaged. I don't think the problems are connected, but I am stumped.
> I have the batteries hooked up according to the manual and and even
> unhooked the lights. There are no other connections.
> Does anyone have either of these problems?