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Re: (ET) welding

Surplus Center has listed in there catalog:
"Welding Generator Reactor for 100 to 300 amp generator ... Acts as arc stabilizer ... for units up to 300 amp."

I wonder if this would work out.

it is listed for $32.50 but my catalog may be old
there number is 800-488-3407


Reactor and choke are other names for "inductor". An inductor has wire wrapped in a coil so that a magnetic field forms when current flows. I didn't know they used these in DC welders, but it makes sense since the energy stored in the magnetic field would be released when the arc started to go out, the collapsing magnetic field would increase the voltage, and the arc would be helped along. So it sounds like an inductor is used for stabilization like someone said. It would also help striking.

For a situation like this I'd think it would be heavy copper wire wound around an iron core. The easiest thing to do might be to hit a DC welder in a junk yard!

>>> Neil Dennis <wombat RealNS com> 5/12/2002 9:45:54 PM >>>
First question, did you use DC rod and have the correct polarity ?

Second, about the reactor, we need the expertise of an electrical
engineer ( of which I'
m not). Basically, the draeings I remember used a coil of heavy iron
wire (like a big resistor) to stabilize the initial surge of current.
Don't know beyond that.