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Re: (ET) Shock repair follow-up

As a point of reference, my deck had the steel casters, and both are bent.
One was bent to the point where it was dragging on the deck (and the deck
didn't steer well). So I bought a new one from Bill. $25.00 for the frame
assembly; it is *really* nice. So nice I think I will replace the other
caster as well.

My deck also has the front roller. It's really important since it gets the
deck over roots and such. You can buy rollers like it for Sears tractors; I
would think you could mount one of those to a non-roller deck with a bit of


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Subject: Re: (ET) Shock repair follow-up

Well good to know, the tilt up does occur to others. My rear rollers are
pretty worn, so that may be contributing to the problem. Mine has the cast
aluminum casters and they are nice. It looks like I also had a front roller
but it broke off (or was 'removed') at some point.


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  I have seen one mount at the deck pull right through (decks tend to get
rusty; you can make a sheet metal brace) and then the other side BEND at 
weld without breaking.

  The deck does indeed tip up easily.  I have thought about putting a light
chain on the bottom and snapping it to the frame, but my real suspicion is
that the problem is the back roller is either too small in diameter or
doesn't extend all the way to the end.  I have noticed it usually catches
near the outside edge.

  As far as the front casters; I have seen 3 different designs.  The most
interesting (to me) was an die-cast-aluminum design that weighed a lot 
Easier on the lift I suppose.  In addition, two of the decks I have owned
had a FRONT roller as well as the back one; 3 did not.  The front roller is
about 6" wide and mounted dead-center in front.  These are the decks I kept
as they don't dig-in.

  Larry Elie