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Re: (ET) speed problems

What is the serial number of your I-5 ? If it contains  DA or EA, or 
this is likely normal. The 2 AH relay will not close, to allow the third
speed contactor to pick up, if armature current is determined to be too
great. If you are the only user of the tractor, and drive 'sensibly', this
feature is easily defeated. The logic behind this is to limit armature
current, to prevent the release of great smoke from the armature, if you 
in a hurry and really crowd the throttle.

RJ Kanary
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ASE® Certified Master Auto Technician

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Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2002 10:02 AM
Subject: (ET) speed problems

> I got my new trojan 105's in and mowed last night, just like I remembered
> a kid 30 years ago.  Now the problem. This is an I-5. When I mow in D1 
> and
> step on the throttle, it goes very slowly and will not find the next
> But if I step on it, push the cruise control in and let up on the
> the cruise cuts in and away I go at normal speed.  If I am going level or
> down hill when I start, the throttle seems to behave normally. Any
> suggestions?
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