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(ET) 36v bulbs

Hello Jeremy,
  Sorry for taking so long to reply but, it took me a while to find where I last put some that I bought. I came across some 36v bulbs with the two contacts on the bottom of the bulb that fits the ET head light socket. The box they came in is from Hyster, Unisource(TM). I guess they made 36v forklifts? Is anyone one on the list familiar with Hyster or if they made an 36v electric forklift? The part number is  3015692. Description: Bulb 36v B9.  The only markings on the bulb are "Taiwan" and the code "SP5".
  I bought these at an old Surplus store a couple of years ago, located out in the very small town of LaVale, MD. I went back to the store on Friday to find more bulbs and look for other interesting stuff that I really don't have the room for. When I got to what "used to be" the dimly lit back part of the store, I fell to my knees... all the old surplus goodies are no longer there! I almost started to cry. The store manager said it was just too costly to keep stuff like this around because it does not sell much. The same space he said is now being used to shelf more commonly sold goods that have a higher turn over rate that generates more revenue for them. I had bought several old electric motors and many neat old used electrical gadgets and parts from them over the years. Now it has all been replace with the same hardware and products that can be bought at just about any hardware store. I really loved those old types of stores.
    Next step would be to find a Hyster dealer and call them and see if these bulbs are still available. Has anyone found a 36v replacement for the dash light?
      Eric Miller