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Re: (ET) Lift motors

Unless some one knows of an auto electric  shop that still services small
motors, Bill is going to be your best bet. The last I contacted Bill, those
motors were getting real rare.

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> RJ Kanary wrote:
> > If they are the Delco® lift motors, there is a bi- metallic circuit
> > breaker, contained in the brush holder end of the motor. Time and
> > fatigue can take its toll, and cause the breaker to open too soon.
> > Repeated cycling will also cause enough heat build up to cause
> > tripping, as will holding the switch on with the motor stalled.
> > Last, but not least, shortened brushes in the motor will cause
> > this concern. As far as I have been able to determine, individual
> > parts for service are not available.
> All that great explanation so I know just what to look for, but no
> service parts available. Bummer.
> Are the motors common enough to get at the local auto parts store? Or
> should I take my own advice and call up Bill?
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