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Stopping corrosion (Was Re: (ET) best tires for hilly grass)

My rear battery box had a lot of corrosion.My solution was to buy an new 
bat box from Bill Gunn, and start over. The price was very reasonable... 
the only hard part was removing my old fenders from the orginal battery 
box (they're spot welded).

If you want to salvage your batt box, or any other piece of metal that has 
acid damage, sandblasting is the only way to really remove 100% of the 
rust and NOT the good metal underneath. Sears sells a nice siphon 
sandblaster for about $50.. you'll need at least a 4 hp air compressor to 
drive it.

Stay away from products like Rustoleum....a catalyst-cured commercial 
automotive paint has much better durability. 

Bill Gunn still sells replacement "bags" for the batt sets, and you should 
recycle your battery trays (Bill doesn't have any more, although I think 
he still has the mold).

Finally, I lined my compartments with a product called "Battery Mat". It's 
a acid-neutralizing absorbent mat made for protecting classic cars from 
acid spills. I got mine from Eastwood Company (www.eastwoodcompany.com), 
part number 25048. They also sell a special "battery tray coating paint", 
part number 25011Z.


>>> "Bob & Lorrie Dewar" <dewar techheadnet com> 05/30/01 05:45PM >>>
Another idea that personally tickles my fancy would be to sand, prime, and
paint the compartment with a high quality paint product such as Rustoleum.
After letting it completely cure, apply some of the "brush-on bed liner"
material that is formulated for the bed of pickup trucks. This type of
product is available at most any auto parts or farm supply store. These
products are basically impervious (hopefully, per advertising claims) to 
sorts of corrosive products and just might work the best for long term

Good luck and happy tractoring :-)

Bob Dewar

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> This is not about trailers, but someone on the list
> mentioned some paint or material that could be brushed
> on the metal to either stop corrosion and rust or
> chemically convert it and it seems like I remember it
> was called POR or something like it. I am fixing up my
> E-15 that I purchased in December and the battery
> compartments need repainting and I would like to do it
> before I put new batteries in. Does anyone remember
> the name of the material? I thought I had saved the
> message , but I'm not sure. Thanks, Dan Eyk