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Re: (ET) Seat mounting pattern?

If the only problem is torn seat covers and padding, you can unbolt the 
seats and take them to any auto upholstery shop for recovering and 
repadding. Some diamond tuck-and-roll black leather would be nice...


>>> "Elie, Larry (L.D.)" <lelie ford com> 01/25/01 11:07AM >>>
I'm getting tired of my torn seats...

I did an altavista search, then an e-mail and got this;

We suggest you visit www.jacksonsadlles.com They offer our seats for
after-market purposes and will sell them to you one or two at a time. Can't
help with bolt patterns and such from 1970. That's way before my time.

>>> "Elie, Larry (L.D.)" <lelie ford com> 01/22/01 04:10PM >>>
I have been looking to replace the seats on 2 1970's vintage GE garden
tractors; an 
E12 and an E15.  There are several bolts from under the back battery lid.
Do you 
know what mount this is or which of your seats fit the GE's?

Jackson Saddles has seats.  Seats with arms.  Seats with springs.  
Seats with arms and springs.  Vinyl seats.  Cloth seats.

I need more info; does anyone know if the same seat/mount was used 
on anything else?  It looks like it bolts through from the cushion 
side, but that doesn't make sense.  I don't want to do too much re-
engineering, so prefer something that basically fits.  I'm also a 
bit worried about too many new bolts on top of the batteries... I 
once burned a wire to the back lift due to a clearance problem.

Larry Elie