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RE: (ET) Bill Gunn

Maybe if Bill got a  "900" phone number he could bill for the time spent
giving "free advise."  Goodness knows, he has been kind enough to save me
significant parts expenditures by helping determine what parts to provide
for a problem resolution.  I'd be willing to have a per-minute charge to my
credit card for on-line troubleshooting.

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Subject: (ET) Bill Gunn

Hey Gang,

Recently we've been talking about how to keep the Elec-Trak
repair/supply business functioning once Bill Gunn absolves himself from
it.  Our group has many capable, talented individuals but unfortunatley
I don't know of anyone who has the expertise and experience in
fabricating ElecTrak part like Bill does.

My point is maybe we should approach the issue from the aspect of what
can we do to convince Bill to stay in the  Elec-Trak business.  From
talking to him, and others, the problem he seems to have with it is are
low volume, individuals who are not willing or able to pay what his
commercial clients pay, and most of all are the many phone calls asking
for free advice, and tying up his time.  I am guilty myself on this
one.  You can't pick up the phone and expect a doctor or lawyer to give
you free advice, so we really shouldn't be expecting Bill to do this.

Any ideas on what we can do as a group for Bill to possibly entice him
to stay?  Maybe we can't do anything, but it's probably worth a shot.
If any of you are friends with Bill you might want to talk to him on our

Barry Woods
Dayton, OH