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(ET) Mail Configuration

I'm new to this mailing list, so perhaps this is a fault with my eMail configuration . . . but . . .
I get a large number of eMails via the Elec-Trak mailing list for which I am missing a central part of the discussion thread. In other words, I get copies of replies to eMails for which I never received the orginal. I'm finding a lot of good stuff in this discussion group and I fear I am loosing some good information.
Are members of the mailing list responding directly (privately) to the sender of an inital "public" posting and then that sender is responding "publicly," hence I never see the intermediate Mail? If so, for the benefit of newbies like me, could everyone make sure all their replies are "public" (unless there is a compeling reason otherwise).
If anyone has seen this problem before and knows of a problem with the way my eMail might be set up, please let me know.
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