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RE: (ET) Info

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From: Sheri Hennig [mailto:shennig magiccarpet com]
Sent: Tuesday, May 02, 2000 11:58 PM
To: elec-trak cosmos5 phy tufts edu
Subject: (ET) Info

;I am looking for information on the Elek-Traks.
;I do not have one now as I have not run across one anywhere, but I do have
;my name out for the list the came around a couple weeks ago.

Too bad you are so far away....

;I would like to know what the basic controls were. Did the machines have
;simple on/off switches (or relays) or did they have electronic 

The main speed control is a sequential switch; farther forward is faster,
reverse direction is the same way.  The E-10M, E12M, E12 are 3 electronic
speeds forward, 2 reverse.  The E14 (not GE branded), E15, E16 (not GE
branded) are 7 speeds forward and 3 reverse (as I recall), all by hand
control.  The E-20 as I recall is 20 speeds forward and 7 reverse, all by
foot control (similar to the control on most hydrostatic transmissions).
The switches control relays, which control motor winding combinations.  It
is really just relay logic.  PWM speed control through motor current has
been made by at least one member of this forum, but was not at all 

;How is the main drive motor connected to the transmission? ( from most of
;the emails I rec. I know that the transmissions are "normal" tractor types
;with no reverse).

By a belt (or two in larger models) to a normal garden-tractor 3 speed
w/reverse transmission in all the E-10M and larger models.  So the number 
'speeds' forward is really 3 times the above, for 6 forward speeds on an 
for example.

;Are there any sites with more info on them?

Try http://web.atarlinx.com/whammer/p2.html

;Thanks in advance,

Larry Elie