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RE: (ET) Transaxle Service

In normal service, you can get something like 20 years (!) of life out of
transaxle without even changing the oil.  However, I have changed the oil 

another brand of garden tractor, and it used about 4 pts. of 90W to get to
fill level plug.  There were no filings in the oil at all.

Larry Elie

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Subject: (ET) Transaxle Service

Thanks for the help with locating belts for the tractors!  I am going to
order them from Technical Services.  I like to support them, and their
prices seem to be at least as good as anyone else.

Does anyone know what "regular" service should be performed on the
large-frame tractors transaxles?  I have 4 tractors, and, as far as I
know, none of the transaxles have ever been serviced.

Strangely enough, I found a Tecumseh/Peerless Mechanic's Handbook (c
1977) at a yardsale.  It seems to cover the transaxle used on the
tractors (2300 series -- does that sound right?), but only seems to have
information on rebuilding the transaxle, not on maintenance.  It says to
fill the transaxle though the shift lever opening with 4 pints of SAE
E.P. 90 oil.  Does that sound right?  Any suggestions?

If there is any interest in this manual, I might be able to scan the
relavent pages and e-mail them.

Thank you,