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(ET) Copywrite or NOT

I believe that the issue is moot.  Copywrite like patent gives the owner
the RIGHT but not the OBLIGATION to GO TO COURT to prevent use of the
idea and RECOVER DAMAGES.  Since all the prior "owners" of the rights to
the ET printed material (except possibly Bill Gunn) are no longer in the
business and would find it impossible to prove any damages to their
(non-existing) commercial venture, there is probably nothing to fear.
No entity is going to invest the money to wage a fruitless court fight.
No one will go to jail or suffer economic loss in my opinion.  If, with
prudence and courtesy, Bill Gunn were approached either to give his
blessing or to participate and receive economic benefit, I believe there
would be no danger inherent in producing the CD under discussion or of
making copies of existing materials via low tech means.