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Re: (ET) snow

Mine does not have snow sticking on the auger either.  However since the 
slides along the auger flight until it gets the the center for discharge, 
friction that can be eliminated should help performance and keep you 
longer.  I have no proof to back this claim, it just makes sense to me.
Dean A. Stuckmann

Max Hall wrote:

> Dean Never Stuck Mann (grin),
> That's a good tip. Thanks! I have been rubbing paraffin inside the chute
> (that's the only place I get sticking; auger itself tends to stay clear) 
> and
> that works pretty well, but not perfectly.
> -Max Hall
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> locally. That's it.
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> Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2000 12:16 PM
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> > Here is a tip that some of you may already know and it helps all snow
> > throwers.  Paint the auger and the chute with Slip Plate or similar
> > product.  Slip Plate is a paint that contains graphite and helps heavy
> > snow slide off of the metal surfaces.  I got mine from a farm and home
> > supply store.  A coating of silicone spray in the chute from time to
> > time also helps in the wet stuff.
> > Dean A. Stuckmann
> >
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