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Re: (ET) $ Cost to Charge $

Hey Dennis,

thinking out loud:

For me to charge my E-15's six T-105s, it's about 18A (average) at 38vdc 
8 hours. That's (18A)(38v)(8hrs) = 5.5 kWh, or about 6 kWh. Assume my
charger pisses away 15% to heat and that buzzing noise... so I'd be
"charged" (haw haw) for drawing about 7 kWh. Where we are, it's about $.11
per kWh. A whopping 77 cents or so to charge the tractor then, sez I.

Even if I'm off by a factor of two, it's still less than $2. I love that.

-Max Hall
-maxo iname com
-Plywood Guy, Scooters, and what-all: http://www.maxmatic.com

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Subject: (ET) $ Cost to Charge $

>Would anyone know the approximate cost to recharge an E-20 with the
>batteries discharged to 20% of capacity;  (6) Trojan T-105 batteries.
>Please include the cost per kWh so I can relate it to my local electric
>I'm trying to build my case for the cost efficiency of these electric