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Re: parallel packs?

At 09:25 AM 1/4/99 -0500, Ken wrote:
>   I would be careful about paralleling poorly matched battery
>   packs. With a mismatch, you can have one pack drained before the
>   other.  Usually it will be the weakest cell which goes first.
>No, battery packs which are more fully charged will have a higher
>voltage under load, so the power will come from the charged battery
>pack rather than the uncharged one.  You can only have a problem with
>over-discharge if different batteries are in series.
>                               Ken

Have heard its not a good idea to leave batteries connected in parallel at
rest, wonder if there's any truth to it?  I've noticed when charging 
nicad paks in parallel that one pak will be undercharged after several
cycles so I have to go back to charging each pak individually-  wonder if
lead systems are similar? Any other situations where batteries should not