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Re: Helping the batteries perfom in the cold.

   From: Larry Elie <lelie ford com>
   Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 12:34:28 -0500

   PS: I wish the person in charge of this mailing list would program it 
   that the reply-to field in each message contained the posting address 
   the list.  If I forget and just click "reply," the reply goes only to 
   posting contributor, rather than to the entire list.

That's me, but I'm afraid I'm against this change.  The way things
work now, if you make a mistake the message goes only to the original
poster, and not to the list.  This can be fixed by sending the message
again. But if we put a reply-to line, then all replies will go to
everyone, and if this is not what you wanted, it cannot be fixed
because the message has already gone out.  Furthermore, for those of
us with mailers which allow either "reply to sender" or "reply to
all", the reply-to line makes both these options give "reply to all",
defeating the functionality of the mailer and causing confusion.

When you send a message to the list, you should get a copy of it
yourself.  If you don't, you should see if you sent the message to the
address you intended.  If you did, but still didn't get an echo, you
should contact me.