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Re: parallel packs?

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From: Max Hall <maxo iname com>
To: elec-trak discussion list <elec-trak cosmos5 phy tufts edu>
Date: Saturday, January 02, 1999 7:40 PM
Subject: parallel packs?

My E-15 was purchased (3rd hand) with a bucket loader, factory
documentation, and had a (original equipment?) counterweight box which held
3 12V batteries attached in parallel to the main set.  I am aware of the
electrical imbalance issue, but just thought I'd pass the info along that 
seemed to work for a number of years for the prior owner, and was either a
GE or dealer concept - not sure which.  Since the box was very corroded, I
removed it and re-used the frame to put an open top 3/4" plywood box there
to hold cement patio blocks stacked up.  No more extra batteries.

The electric motor for the elec./hyd.  lift built into the bucket loader
assembly was huge - the size of a small auto starter, and has a big draw, 
the extra batteries must have been useful.

However, for counterweighting, wheel weights might be a better option since
they are lower center of gravity and also put less load on wheel bearings
since they are not bearing supported weight.  Note that the rear wheels may
be "flipped" inside-out to widen the rear track for more stability when
needed (this is per factory documentation and works fine in my experience).

>I have a battery back question. First, some background.

>Anyway, here's the nub: should a person put a second pack of batts in
>PARALELL with the first, or should I SEPARATE the circuits to make the
>traction pack drive the tractor, and the second pack just do the thrower?
>(If the circuits are separated, I would be able to use a set of 350A
>contactors from another project to drive that great big two-state device.)