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(Fwd) I have some General Electracs for sale

This came into me via my web site yesterday.  Please call Fran 
directly.  I do not know where she is located, although I believe 
area code 717 is in northern Pennsylvania.

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Date sent:              Mon, 28 Dec 1998 18:41:58 -0500
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From:                   Vicki Plocinski <Poultry csrlink net>
Subject:                I have some General Electracs for sale

I have two general electracs for sale 1 E15(runs)and a E12(parts
tractor)and a rototiller,dozer blade,snowblower,and repair manual. I 
willing to sale all of this for $500.Please call me at 717-326-2889 
ask for Fran Plocinski. If the price is to high Call me anyway and 
tell me
what you'll gice for them.

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