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RE: Battery Chargers, Pulse Units

From:   Eric & Tracie Miller[SMTP:ewmiller erols com]
Sent:   Monday, December 14, 1998 10:28 AM
To:     elec-trak discussion list
Subject:        Re: Battery Chargers, Pulse Units

David wrote,

Don't be too quick to dismiss the combination of the ferroresonant GE
charger and flooded golf car batteries.  Yes, it's ancient technology
(most modern 3-stage chargers use microprocessor control), but for its
intended purpose, this combination works very well.  While it's not the
ultimate in convenience, nothing can touch it for cost-effectiveness.

  Has anybody added an electronic timer out of a Lester golf car charger to
their Elec-trak charger?  It measures the rate at which the battery voltage
increases during the charging cycle and will automatically shut off the
charger when the voltage has stop rising.
  I did install an 30amp gauge so I could monitor the charging since I'm
still using the timer.