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Non-working Wheel Horse for sale cheap

I have a non-working Wheel Horse tractor similar to an E-15, lying
around my yard in Sharon, MA.  I'm tired of it taking up space, and
I'd rather sell it or give it to someone who wants to use it than take
it apart for parts.  I have not investigated its condition, but it was
reported to me by the person from whom I bought it as having worked
until the traction motor burned out.  Unfortunately, this tractor does
not have the same control system or motor as the electrak uses, so
it's more complicated than just finding an electrak motor to put in.
There are no batteries or accessories.  The frame is in reasonable
shape, but the seat has no padding.

I will sell it to the first person who gives me $50 for it, or in a
few months to the person who makes the highest offer including $0.
You have to come to my house and pick it up.