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Lifting batteries

"Max Hall" <maxo iname com> writes:

> I did this (make clearance for the bolts atop the battery terminals)
> because battery removal is much easier when
> >using plastic handles bolted to the threaded rods on the terminals.

I used to lift batteries this way too, but no longer do so.  I have 
more recently that the terminals are sealed to the plastic battery case. 
 Lifting the battery by the terminals can flex the terminals enough to 
break that seal.  Then the acid electrolyte can seep up right where it 
can do the most damage, corroding the terminals.

If you lift with one of these terminal lifters, be sure to use 
washers on the battery.  Better yet, try to avoid using this type of 

Some batteries come with lifting handles semi-permanently attached.  
Others, including Trojan brand I believe, have fittings for custom battery 
lifters available from the company's dealers.

For batteries with no such fittings, there are battery lifters available 
look sort of like large, bent pliers with flat, rubber covered jaws.  The 
jaws fit the sides of the battery.  When you lift, the jaws are clamped 
against the sides.

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