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N.O.S. Wheelhorse

I have been searching the Mid-Missouri area for an Elec-Trak E-15 or E-20.
I didn't come up with one of these but I did locate what I think is a great
On Saturday I picked up a Wheelhorse A-60 from a lamn mower dealer.
This is a 1975 unit that is new. The batteries still have the paper seals 
the caps. 
If anyone has one of these I would be like to here from you on performance,
range, problems, etc. I don;t want to do anything stupid to this virgin

I do not plan on doing anything for a couple months, but I would like any
suggestions on startup procedure, and any upgrade of batteries you would

I would still like to find a E-15 or E-20. If your close to the midwest
please let me know. 
I have about 3 acres of grass that I cut and I feel the larger units would
give me the range I need.