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RE: Snow blower & transaxle help?

Ken Olum replied;

From:   Ken Olum[SMTP:kdo cosmos5 phy tufts edu]
Sent:   Monday, November 30, 1998 12:01 PM
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Subject:        Re: Snow blower & transaxle help?


;   And a question about the transaxle.

 ;  I notice that mine produces an odd surging effect in low-low.  It's 
 ;  almost as if a spring were winding up and unwinding.  The tractor 
 ;  barely moves for perhaps a second, then jumps forward; then the cycle 
 ;  repeats.  Is this normal behavior, is it excessive gear play, or what?

;Mine does this too, but I imagined it was not normal behavior.  As I
;recall it only does it going downhill.

;                               Ken

I think they all do it when the load is very LIGHT (i.e.; downhill, or 
pulling a 
heavy wagon and trying to slow down).  I think it is the way the control 
works.  I suppose I should look over the schematic carefully, but I always 
that is wasn't a problem.

Larry Elie