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Snow blower & transaxle help?

A couple questions relating to the ET snowblower.

1.  Can anyone suggest an appropriate lubricant for the chain?

2.  The snowblower has a remote-control handle to rotate the discharge 
chute from the seat.  However, I can't see any way to attach it to the 
side of the tractor so that it's held up off the ground and easy to grab.  
Should there be a bracket of some kind?  Where is it attached?

And a question about the transaxle.

I notice that mine produces an odd surging effect in low-low.  It's 
almost as if a spring were winding up and unwinding.  The tractor 
barely moves for perhaps a second, then jumps forward; then the cycle 
repeats.  Is this normal behavior, is it excessive gear play, or what?

Thanks for your help with these questions.

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