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Microsoft mumble

 - Greetings -

'Tis great to have this discussion group with its focus on the 
Elec-Trak.  Those of us who have Microsoft software may get
much out of the attachment "application/ms-tnef" that seems to
come with most every message.  Others including myself who use
a Unix system see the first part of the message (sometimes 
briefly as it scrolls out of sight) followed by the attachment
which, to us, looks like Microsoft mumble.  Here is a sample
of what is on my screen at the moment.


If the plain text version scrolls too far off the screen, I cannot
recover it with the scroll bar.  It has to be saved and read, or
just deleted and forgotten about.

Question:  does the attachment add anything for those of you with

Thanks for hearing me out.

                                        Rhett George