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Elec-Trak Wanted

Just discovered the Elec-Trak.
Would love to have one, working or a fixer-upper.

I am located in a rural area about an hour north of St. Louis, MO.
I cut about 3 acres with a 1951 Farmall; the Elec-Trak would be great for
trim work.

I have been a member of the EAA for about 5 years, don't have an EV yet.
This would be a great start, and easier to justify . . . It does "REAL"

I'm going to start to look local, but if anyone knows of anything let me
I wouldn't mind wasting a weekend driving to get one.

Dennnis J. Pestka
dennis pestka mkg com
Work: (314) 654-4033
Home: (573) 898-2329