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RE: Electric tractor choices

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Subject:        Electric tractor choices

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Subject:                Re: (no subject) . . . > Electric Lawn Tractors

> >Trying to find an electric garden tractor, or conversion parts for
> >existing gasoline driven 12 hp tractor.  Any suggestions? Where could

> >I get parts or plans to build one? Looking for something inexpensive,
> under > $2,000.00 US.
> >                               Stuart
> >email:  skaufman inil com

Stuart, as I see it, there are three directions you can go.

3.  A used GE Elec-trak.  I own one, and I'll echo what's been said 
here. They are indeed remarkable sturdy -- good thing, since any you 
find will be *at least* 25 years old already.

They are harder to find that they used to be.  However, if you watch the

classifieds and garage sales, you may stumble on one.  If you're not 
too fussy about condition or appearance, they are well within your 
budget; you should be able to pick up one in need of TLC for a few 
hundred dollars.  Often all you need to do to get one running is evict 
the mice <g>, vacuum out the insides, clean some contacts with very 
fine crocus cloth, and drop in new batteries.

A few notes about the Elec-trak.

Your best bet is to find a used one with all the attachments you are apt

I do wish people would tell where they are located.  I know of an E15 with 
some attachments in fixable condition 
in south-east Michigan that I think I could get for $150 (which I thought 
was a bit high based on the condition) but 
shipping would make it worse.  Needs batteries and tires, but batteries 
are $48 each (times 6) at Sam's Club, and 
tires are $25/pair locally.  Paint, sandpaper, a few cables, some 
elbow-grease, and roughly $500 gets you a working 
machine.  Shipping one probably doesn't make sense, unless someone wants 
to put one in the back of a pickup.  

BTW, if anyone wants the Elec-Trak Elementary base schematic (one pager-- 
yes, I have the 80 page as well) 
for the E12, I could scan it and send it.

Larry Elie
lelie ford com