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mirror, was Re: elec-trak

I took the liberty of adding an elec-trak list mirror at

Ken, if you are the moderator of the elec-trak list,
I'll add you on there as a moderator of the mirror,
and it would work best if the mirror was made a
member of the regular elec-trak list.

-----Original Message-----
From: Ken Olum <kdo cosmos5 phy tufts edu>

Cc: elec-trak cosmos5 phy tufts edu <elec-trak cosmos5 phy tufts edu>
Date: Tuesday, October 20, 1998 3:00 PM
Subject: Re: elec-trak

>There is an archive of old messages, although it does not go back to
>the beginning.  You can obtain it by sending mail to
>elec-trak-request cosmos5 phy tufts edu and in the body of the message
>putting "get mail-archive".
> Ken