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Re: 48v electraks

On Sun, 11 Oct 1998 19:27:39 -0500 Christopher Meier
<Christopher Meier MCI2000 com> writes:
>If anyone has or knows someone who has a 48v electrak, either
>upgraded or original, I'd like to chat with them.



   I cannot recall precisely, but at least one of the 48v units that my
fading memory still recalls belonged to a local EV wizard from Southern
MD named Mike Williams.  Mike sold the unit at least 2 years ago to
persons unknown and disappeared from the Washington area after announcing
that he was "going prospecting for gold out West."   Haven't heard from
him since.  If I can ascertain the existence of any more 48v units
(almost certainly user upgrades) I will let you know.

    Are you still using ElecTraks at Tufts, or is this a personal hobby?

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