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EVA/DC Meeting this Wednesday

Forwarded for anybody who lives nearby and is interested.  BTW, I thought
the ET went out of production 25 years ago ... and I've never heard of a 48
volt ET, either.  (Charlie Scheck does not appear to be a member of this
listserv; does anybody know him?)



>                             electric vehicle association
>                               of greater washington, dc
>                           - a Non-Profit Organization -
>         9140 Centerway Road,   Gaithersburg, MD   20879-1882
>          Tel/Fax: 301/869-4954  E-mail: goldie ev1 juno com
>                              You are invited to join us on
>                   ** WEDNESDAY Night **  October 10th, 1998
>          (Please note: This is a departure from our regular "2nd
>       Tuesday" schedule, to accommodate a religious holiday)
>                               from 7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. at
>                                  N.I.H. BUILDING 31-C
>                                 in Bethesda, Maryland
>                           6th Floor, Conference Room #8
>                             (see directions on next page)
>                   We'll provide pizzas, sodas, juices, &
>                 light refreshments. (Donations requested.)
>                                             Featuring
>* "Still TRAKKING After All These Years!" - General Electric's rugged
>"Electrak" Lawn Tractors have been out of production for more than 18
>years.  But that hasn't stopped a devoted group of fans from keeping the
>little 48 volt beasties humming along in everyday service for everything
>from mowing the "North 40" (as well as the "South 40") to towing freight
>and plowing snow.  EVA/DC'er and Retired US Coast Guard Engineer Charlie
>Scheck will share his extensive knowledge and experience with his own
>personal Electrak "fleet" and explain the mystery of what keeps these
>bunnies "running and running and running . . . "
>* First Reports: "EVS-15" - The 15th International EV Symposium and
>Exhibit in concluded less than a week ago in Brussels, Belgium, and we'll
>have some of the first eye-witness reports - and photos - for you in
>Washington, D.C., courtesy of "Electric Vehicle News" Editor and EVA/DC
>Member Lew Gulich and from EVA'er Larry Edwards of Transit Innovations
>(Fairfax, VA).  Any other members or guests who attended this notable
>EVent will also be invited to speak.  A full EVS-15 report will highlight
>the next edition of "EV News", for which EVA/DC Members are now eligible
>for a special subscription rate  . . . [CLIP]
>* "Who's Charging Whom?" - New safety standards for EV Charging
>equipment, known as "NEC (National Electric Code) Article 625" are
>causing a ruckus in the EV user community, with charges and
>counter-charges flying about "$3,000 costs" for "unnecessary" equipment
>purchases.  Other in the know say the safety rules are being
>misinterpreted by a small group of opponents who don't have all of the
>facts.  EVA/DC President Dave Goldstein will host a brief discussion on
>this important topic in preparation for a SPECIAL NOVEMBER EVA/DC MEETING
>to be held in Baltimore.  (See "COMING IN NOVEMBER", below.)
>* The National Solar Home Tour will take place on Sunday, October 18th,
>and EVA/DC will be participating with EV's on display at some of the
>featured solar-assisted homes.  If you'd like to volunteer your time
>and/or EV, please contact EVA/DC Program Chairman Charlie Garlow at (202)
>564-1088, Email: <garlow charlie epamail epa gov>.  If you'd like to take
>the Solar Home Tour, tickets are just $3.50 each, available by mail from
>Al Sobel, Virginia Solar Council, 6712 South King's Highway, Alexandria,
>VA 22306.  Please telephone 703-768-7749 for more Solar Home Tour
>* Set your VCR for "CBS Early Edition" on Saturday night, October 24th,
>for a feature on independent EV manufacturer and converter Solectria
>Corporation and its enigmatic founder James Worden.  The CBS program
>normally airs at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.  Please check your local listing.
>Meanwhile, a new book about Worden and Solectria has appeared, entitled
>"Charging Ahead" by Joe Sherman (Oxford University Press, 1998), which is
>said to cover the environmental, business and political issues
>surrounding the EV business. (Thanks to Mike
>Bianchi on EVL.)
>- to Chip and Monica Gribben and Charlie Garlow, who, with Dave
>Goldstein, put together an EV exhibit for the Girl Scout Earth Fair on
>Saturday, October 3rd in Greenbelt Park (MD). Charlie's 120 volt "007"
>Electrica and Chip and Monica's newly-refurbished 144 volt Ford Escort,
>together with Chip's colorful graphics boards received a lot of
>attention, and EVA/DC's "Solar Slot Car Racing Game" (designed by Paul
>Flint) was the hit of the show.
>A special meeting on Tuesday night, November 10th, 7:00 p.m. at Baltimore
>Gas & Electric Co. in Baltimore, MD, tentatively entitled, "Future Shock:
>Will New EV Safety Standards Scare Away the Customers?" Featuring BG&E's
>David Brown and Craig Toepfer of Ford Motor Company to explain the new
>NEC (National Electrical Code) "Article 625" charging rules and what they
>mean to EV consumers, both now and in the future.  NOTE:  Because of
>growing national interest in this topic, we have been asked to tape the
>proceedings for a WEB CAST on "EVWorld.com", the online EV news magazine
>at www.evworld.com.   Further information and directions will follow.
>October is EVA/DC Membership Month - the time to begin or renew your
>commitment to EVs in the Baltimore-Washington area and to stay "current"
>with the flow of information that we provide. [CLIP]
>"First-time ONLY" members can take advantage of our special introductory
>offer to join both EVA/DC AND EAA (the nationwide nonprofit Electric Auto
>Association) at a preferred rate and receive "Current EVents" monthly
>magazine, geared to the owner/enthusiast.  And this year, all EVA/DC
>Members can take advantage of a generous offer from "EV News," covering
>the full spectrum of national and international EVents.
>- [CLIP . . . Edited for EVL] -
>   Regards,
>   Dave Goldstein
>   EVA/DC President
>How to Find NIH Building 31-C:
>>From the Capital Beltway:  Take either the Rockville Pike Exit (#34) or
>the Old Georgetown Road Exit (#36) South to the NIH Complex in Bethesda.
>>From Rockville Pike, proceed 1 mile south of the Beltway and stay in the
>right-hand lane.  Just beyond the traffic light at Cedar Lane, go 100
>yards and turn right into the first driveway on your right.  That is
>North Drive.  Go 100 yards and bear left towards a large white building.
>That is Building 31-C.  Park anywhere in the lot except for handicapped
>or police spaces.  You may need to pick up the phone to ask the guard to
>let you in.  Take the elevator on your right to the 6th floor Conference
>Room.  From Old Georgetown Rd. turn left onto Cedar Lane and turn right
>into the second driveway.  Head towards the big white building and follow
>the same directions as above.
>>From Metro:  The Medical Center Stop on the Red Line exits directly in
>front of the NIH campus on Rockville Pike (also known as Wisconsin
>Avenue).  Walk north (to your left as you face Rockville Pike) for
>approximately two blocks to North Drive.  Turn left and continue for
>about 100 yards to Building 31-C.  Take the elevator on your right to the
>6th floor Conference Room.  After the meeting, ask one of our members for
>a ride back to the Metro.
>         9140 Centerway Road
>    Gaithersburg, MD 20879-1882
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