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Re: Front lift and 12-volt batteries

At 11:15 PM 9/27/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I've  been wondering this also. I'd guess that 12v would also make
>it try to draw more current to perform the task, and burn it out.  I was
>guessing 24v would be better than 12, but I'd like to hear from someone
>that has tried it.

I got another message from someone who runs his on 12v and likes it.  I
understand that the lift motor is an older GM automotive electric window
lift, so 12v - 18v ought to be fairly natural for it (auto systems run
around 14v when the engine is running).

My suspicion is that anything up to 24v would be OK, but at higher voltages
it might lower more quickly than I like (it already drops too fast at 18v).
 Maybe some creative rewiring is in order?  Or perhaps a series resistor to
limit current at the higher voltage?

I'm still interested in more feedback from anyone who has ideas on this.

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