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Front lift and 12-volt batteries

Hello all,

Has anyone used 12-v batteries in an Elec-Trak?

I have a large quantity of 12-v group 24 deep cycle batteries, so I'd like
to use them in my tractor (rather than buying a set of golf car batteries).
 Group 24 are similar in footprint, a little narrower and about the same

If I used 6 of them connected in series-pararallel, they would have about
25% less capacity, which is not a problem for me.  What I'm concerned about
is running the front lift.  It's set up now for 18 volts, but with 6 12v
batteries I'd have to use either 12v or 24v on the lift.  I suspect that on
12v it would be too feeble.  Has anyone used 24v on the lift? 

Thanks for your help!

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