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Thanks to all for your replies to my question about Elek-Traks and dozing.
It's going to sound funny, but I guess I'm sorta looking for an excuse to
buy a used Elec-trak.

I had a commercial trencher come in almost a year ago and dig a trench for
me, but when he backfilled he did a pretty rough job.  I've been after him
to return and smooth it over, but now he wants another payment to finish it
off.  Rather than fight any more about it, I'm thinking about applying the
extra $$$ he wants to a used tractor and blade.

It sounds like an Elek-Trak could do the job if I were reasonably patient.

So -- I might be interested in finding a used ET in decent condition.  I
can perform electrical repairs and do bolt-on parts R&R.  However, I don't
have welding or machining facilities, so I would need something that is
fairly solid mechanically.

Can anyone tell me what a reasonable price is for a used E12, E15, or E20
in that sort of condition?

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