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A good day....

Well I hope the rest of you had a beautiful day today to do yard work as
I did.

It was a good day for me and my Electrak E-20. First I attached my
rototiller and tilled my garden. Second I hooked up my trailer and
hauled my mulch to the flower beds. 

Next a break through: I hooked up my broadcast spreader to fertilize my
lawn and found that I have to modify it because the rear winch is
hitting the on/off switch on the spreader. Unfortunately, I had to take
out my GAS powered tractor, which is an all wheel steer Craftsman. It
truly reinforces my love of my E-20.

Anyway, as with so many of my tools and projects my wife has never been
real keen on my electric tractors and accessories.

BUT.. today after while sitting outside as I tilled the garden and
hauling the mulch she didn't say much, till I started the GAS tractor 
to finish the fertilizing. 

She said, "you know, I think I LIKE your electric tractor" (knock me
over with a feather) She also said "it is a LOT quieter then the gas
tractor and that gas one really smells to" (as I have said before)

Now if I can only convince her I need an electric CAR, MORE accessories
and a bigger hardrive!!!!!